Consumer Complaint

Consumer Hotline:  1-800-392-5658 or 334-242-7335

Please fill out the form completely and describe your situation in as much detail as possible. Complaints are processed in the order in which they are received. You will be notified by mail once your complaint is assigned to a Consumer Specialist for review. This notification will include the name and contact information of the assigned Specialist. Please note that filing a consumer complaint is not a legal action, and that, after careful review of your complaint, you may be advised to seek private legal counsel. The Consumer Interest Division does not provide legal advice, interpretation, or opinions to consumers.

To provide attachments or supplemental items to your complaint, please e-mail them to

Information Regarding the Business the Complaint is Against

I understand that the Office of the Attorney General normally provides copies of the complaint forms or information regarding complaints to the business complained about and other private and public agencies. I authorize the Office of the Attorney General to give copies or any information on the form to anyone deemed advisable.

I wish to file this complaint with your office. I understand that your office does not conduct litigation for individuals in matters which involve purely private controversies. I also understand that I may lose the right to file a lawsuit because of this matter due to the possible expiration of the statute of limitations, if I wait on action by the Attorney General’s office. I am, however, filing this complaint to notify your office of the activities of this party and to seek any assistance you may be able to render. Click SUBMIT to file this complaint.