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July 26, 2021

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Attorney General Steve Marshall Releases Public Guidance Addressing Legal
Questions Surrounding COVID-19 Vaccinations in Alabama

(MONTGOMERY) — Attorney General Steve Marshall today released public guidance to address legal questions surrounding COVID-19 vaccinations in Alabama. In recent weeks, the Attorney General’s Office has experienced a sharp increase in vaccine-related inquiries and complaints.

In releasing the guidance, Attorney General Marshall explained, “Every Alabamian should educate themselves on the state of our laws when it comes to COVID-19 vaccinations. In publishing this guidance, we have outlined the new law and its implications and addressed the most common legal questions.”

Many Alabamians may not be aware of the new law passed by the Legislature and enacted by the Governor in May 2021. The law contains four provisions:

It prohibits state and local governmental entities from issuing or requiring the
publication or sharing of immunization records not otherwise required by law;

It prohibits state and local governmental entities from requiring vaccination as a
condition for receiving government services or for entry into a government building;

It prohibits institutions of education—both public and private—from requiring students to prove any new immunization status as a condition of attendance; and

It prohibits businesses from refusing to provide goods or services, or refusing to allow admission, to an individual based on the customer’s immunization status or lack of immunization documentation.

The guidance document linked here explains the new law on COVID-19 vaccination requirements and other related matters.

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