Firearms Law
Firearms Law

Violations of Alabama’s Firearms Law

Click here to file a petition with this Office alleging a violation of Alabama’s firearms laws by a political subdivision or public official.  The petition must be “signed under oath and penalty of perjury and must include specific details regarding the alleged violations.”  Ala. Code § 13A-11-61.3((f)(1) (2015).  Upon receipt of a valid petition, the Attorney General will proceed in accordance with the provisions of section 13A-11-61.3(f)(2) of the Code of Alabama.  If the Attorney General determines not to file a lawsuit, he must publicly state why.

Reciprocity of Concealed Carry Permits

Click here to access the list of states which recognize concealed carry permits issued pursuant to section 13A-11-75 of the Code.  WARNING: The information provided in the document is not legal advice. Federal, state, and local laws change frequently. When traveling through or to another jurisdiction, an Alabama concealed carry permit holder should always verify with that jurisdiction whether their concealed carry permit will be honored. In addition, when in another jurisdiction, a person with an Alabama-issued concealed carry permit is subject to the laws of that jurisdiction.

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