Opinions Search
Opinions Search

Section 36-15-1 of the Code of Alabama requires the Attorney General to post on the Internet searchable, electronic copies of all written official opinions.

Attorney General Opinion Search

Searching Official Opinions

  1. “Document Type” field, select Opinions.
  2. Enter a search phrase in the “Search for name, keywords, etc.” or “Text Search” fields below. 
  3. Select “Search” or press Enter to initiate a search.
  4. Search results will open in a new tab.

  • The “Search for name, keywords, etc.” field will search all opinions data fields, and the text from the official opinions.

  • The “Text Search” field will search only the text from the official opinions.

Suggestions for Narrowing Your Search Results

  • Use quotes to search for an exact phrase.
    • Example: “Sunshine Law”
  • Include additional criteria or filters.  Note, the filters will also appear on your search results screen.
    • Example: Opinion Requesting Authority = “Senate, State of Alabama”. 
  • Use connectors to combine search phrases.  Note, connectors should be listed in UPPER case.  Connectors include AND / OR / NOT.
    • Example: “Sunshine Law” AND Miglionico AND “Secret Session”

Click here to Download a Quick Guide for Searching Official Opinions.