Sexual Assault Survivor’s Rights
Sexual Assault Survivor’s Rights

Alabama Act No. 2021-481 requires the Alabama Attorney General’s Office to provide a survivor notification document for law enforcement personnel and medical providers to aid in the initial contact with a sexual assault victim.

It is the hope of the Office of the Attorney General that this document provides law enforcement and medical providers with a valuable tool for providing the highest level of care to victims of sexual assault.

Specifically, the Act states:

“The Attorney General shall develop a survivor notification document to be distributed by a law enforcement officer or a medical provider upon initial contact with a survivor of sexual assault. The notification document shall be made available on the Attorney General’s public website. The document shall include, but is not limited to, the following information:

  1. A clear statement that the survivor has the right not to be prevented from, nor charged for, receiving a sexual assault medical forensic examination.
  2. A clear statement that the survivor has a right to have a sexual assault medical forensic examination, regardless of whether the survivor reports to or cooperates with law enforcement.
  3. The availability and contact information of a sexual assault advocate.
  4. The availability of protective orders, policies related to their enforcement, and the process to obtain protection orders.
  5. Policies regarding the storage, preservation, and disposal of sexual assault evidence collection kits.
  6. The process, if any, to request the preservation of sexual assault evidence collection kits.
  7. Instructions for requesting the test results upon the forensic or probative evidence of the kits from the investigating law enforcement agency.
  8. Information about state and federal compensation funds available for medical or other costs associated with the case and the availability of victim compensation and restitution.”