Firearms Law

Violations of Alabama’s Firearms Law Click here to file a petition with this Office alleging a violation of Alabama’s firearms laws by a political subdivision or public official.  The petition must be “signed under oath and penalty of perjury and must include specific details regarding the alleged violations.”  Ala. Code § 13A-11-61.3((f)(1) (2015).  Upon receipt of a […]

Opinions Search

Ҥ36-15-1, Ala. Code requires the Attorney General to post on the Internet searchable, electronic copies of all written official opinions. Attorney General Opinion Search Searching Official Opinions Suggestions for Narrowing Your Search Results Click here to Download a Quick Guide for Searching Official Opinions.

Requesting an Opinion

Requesting an Opinion from the Attorney General Generally An important duty of the Attorney General is to render his or her written opinion to legally eligible public officials or bodies.  Specifically, §36-15-1, Ala. Code, directs the Attorney General to exercise the authority to issue an opinion when properly requested by a qualified public official or […]