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September 6, 2012
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Luther Strange
Joy Patterson (334) 242-7491
Alabama Attorney General
Suzanne Webb (334) 242-7351
Jeff Sommer (334) 353-2199
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(MONTGOMERY) – After receiving numerous complaints regarding voting
irregularities in recent municipal elections Attorney General Luther Strange and Secretary of
State Beth Chapman want to remind Alabamians of the many resources available to report voter
fraud. Attorney General Strange and Secretary of State Chapman, in partnership with district
attorneys across Alabama, warn those who commit voter fraud that they will be prosecuted to
the fullest extent of the law.
“In response to the allegations that both the Secretary of State and I received last week,
our two offices held a meeting to discuss our plan of action to investigate voter fraud
allegations and to ensure a comprehensive and unified response,” said Attorney General
Strange. “We take all allegations of voter fraud seriously. The right to vote is a sacred,
fundamental civil right and the foundation of our democracy. The integrity of our elections
process must be protected.”
In 2008, Secretary of State Chapman’s office created a Voter Fraud Unit dedicated to
dealing with reports of voter fraud. The unit is comprised of attorneys and elections staff
members trained to receive and process voter fraud complaints. A website established by the
Secretary of State provides a form for reporting complaints that are then reviewed by the Voter
Fraud Unit and forwarded to the Attorney General.
Secretary of State Chapman stated: “Honest elections are crucial to protecting,
preserving, and participating in democracy. I have pledged to the people of Alabama that there
is no more important duty of my office of Secretary of State than ensuring honest elections. The
names of people making voter fraud complaints to our office will not be disclosed to the public,
so as to encourage those with legitimate claims of voter fraud to come forward without threat of
retribution or fear for their personal safety.”
Citizens have multiple options when reporting voter fraud.
You may file your allegation online: www.stopvoterfraudnow.com/reportOnline.aspx
You may email your allegation to: voterfraud@sos.alabama.gov
You may speak to a staff member by calling toll free: 1-800-274-VOTE (8683)
Allegations may also be filed via fax: (334) 242-4993
If you would prefer to send your allegation via postal mail, it may be sent to the address
501 Washington Avenue Montgomery, AL 36104 (334) 242-7300
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Mailing Address:
Secretary of State Beth Chapman
Voter Fraud Unit
P.O. Box 5616
Montgomery, Alabama 36103-5616
For more information on reporting voter fraud in Alabama go to
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