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June 25, 2015
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(MONTGOMERY) – Attorney General Luther Strange announced a 30-year prison
sentence yesterday for a woman who murdered her husband in Lee County by running over
him with her car. Tiffany Andrews, 29, of Russell County, was found guilty by a jury in Lee
County Circuit Court on May 11 following a week-long trial. The victim was Michael
Andrews, 33. He was a member of the U.S. Army serving at Fort Benning, Ga.
Evidence was presented at trial that the couple had been arguing for days about plans
for a divorce, culminating in Tiffany Andrews’ murder of Michael Andrews on the evening
of July 1, 2012, on Lee Road 248. Witnesses testified that she had a pattern of chasing him in
her car, and that she had been seen doing so earlier that night. A state trooper who is a
reconstruction specialist testified regarding forensic evidence that Michael Andrews’ body
had been run over by Tiffany Andrews’ car: dents on the undercarriage indicated something
soft had been hit very hard, leaving an imprint from his jeans and his belt. In addition, DNA
material found on the undercarriage matched that of Michael Andrews. Furthermore,
Tiffany Andrews stood to benefit from a $400,000 military insurance policy if Michael
Andrews died while they were still married.
“I am pleased that we are able to deliver a measure of justice for this victim who
served his country,” said Attorney General Strange. “Tiffany Andrews callously and brutally
killed her husband, and she deserves this stern prison sentence for her terrible crime.”
Attorney General Strange commended those involved in the successful prosecution,
noting in particular Assistant Attorney General Stephanie Billingslea, chief of the Criminal
Trials Division; Assistant Attorneys General John Hensley and James Rutter; Paralegal Lori
Arnold, all of the Criminal Trials Division; and Victim Service Officer Ashley Harbin of the
Attorney General’s Office of Victim Assistance. He thanked the Lee County Sheriff’s Office,
noting in particular Investigator Katie Bonham; Alabama State Trooper Philip Ray; the
Russell County Sheriff’s Office and the Phenix City Police Department.

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