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April 25, 2014
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(MONTGOMERY) – Attorney General Luther Strange announced the conviction
of a Columbus man for attempted murder of two Phenix City police officers and
menacing of two other law enforcement officers. Robert Lorenzo Anderson, 24, was
found guilty by a jury on April 23 following a two-day trial in Russell County Circuit

The crimes occurred on the afternoon of July 25 when Phenix City police officers
Ryan Anglin and Kilpatrick Thomas, among others, responded to a 911 call reporting
gunfire at the Riverview Apartments. Police received a subsequent call telling where the
suspect was in the building, and while searching that apartment, officers encountered a
man fitting the suspect’s description who jumped out of a second-floor window and

As officers Anglin and Thomas pursued, Anderson pointed a pistol at them and
fired. This shooting was witnessed by at least one resident of the apartments. After
Officer Thomas called the shooting over the police radio, additional law enforcement
officers arrived at the scene to help. One of these was Ray Rogers, a Phenix City
building inspector who also is a sworn law enforcement officer. Rogers testified that as
he rounded the corner of one of the apartment buildings, Anderson shot at him. Shortly
thereafter, Investigator Thomas Franklin of the Russell County District Attorney’s
Office, who was in his vehicle, saw Anderson running across a street. Anderson pointed
his pistol at the investigator’s vehicle as if to shoot, but ran away when Franklin fired at
him. Investigator Franklin pulled his vehicle alongside Anderson, who again pointed
his gun at the vehicle. The investigator fired again, this time hitting Anderson in the leg,
and Anderson was then apprehended.

The Attorney General’s Criminal Trials Division presented evidence at trial that
included testimony of the victims who Anderson fired upon as well as a civilian
eyewitness. Forensic evidence matched shell casings found on the scene to Anderson’s
gun. Additionally, as Anderson was receiving treatment in an ambulance on the crime
scene, he said “Give me a gun and I’d do it again.” He further stated to investigators
that he had been in the apartment to sell drugs and admitted to firing his gun, but
during interviews did not admit to shooting at the officers.


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“This man conducted a terrible attack on the lives of law enforcement officers
who responded to a call for help and put their lives, literally, on the line to protect
residents of Riverview Apartments and the people of Phenix City. Officers Anglin and
Thomas, Mr. Rogers and Investigator Franklin, are truly heroes and we are grateful that
they were not killed,” said Attorney General Strange. “This verdict should serve as a
warning that Alabama will not tolerate threats and assaults on our law enforcement
officers, and those who do so will be held to account and face stern punishment.”

Attorney General Strange commended those involved in the prosecution of this
case, noting in particular Assistant Attorney General Stephanie Billingslea, division
chief; Assistant Attorney General John Hensley, and Paralegal Lori Arnold; all of the
Attorney General’s Criminal Trials Division. He also thanked the Phenix City Police
Department, the Russell County Sheriff’s Office, the Russell County District Attorney’s
Office, the Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences and the Muscogee County (GA)
Sheriff’s Office.

Sentencing is set for May 20, when Anderson will face potential penalties of 20
years to life imprisonment for each of the two counts of attempted murder of officers
Anglin and Thomas; and up to six months imprisonment for each of the two counts of
menacing of Rogers and Franklin.