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June 25, 2015
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(MONTGOMERY)–Attorney General Luther Strange announced that Darnell Davon
Nash, 30, of Cleveland, Ohio, pleaded guilty yesterday in Montgomery County Circuit Court to
defrauding the Alabama Medicaid Agency.
Nash was indicted for his role in the filing of numerous false claims for payment to the
Alabama Medicaid Agency, and being in possession of identifying information of approximately
25 Alabama residents.
Prosecutors describe how Nash, along with a co-defendant, established a fake business
named “Chase Farms Group” and fraudulently obtained status as an Alabama Medicaid
provider. The two then obtained, by deceit, the Medicaid Provider ID of a north Alabama
physician’s office, by stating they ran a crisis center and wanted the physician’s office to be their
medical provider. People in the physician’s office became suspicious when they attempted to
contact Nash, who had used an alias, to inquire about the partnership. The scheme also involved
the distribution of flyers throughout the Birmingham area, advertising assistance with obtaining
government subsidies. Then victims called the number provided and gave their identifying
information. Nash and his co-defendant would then bill Medicaid for alleged services provided
by the physician’s office using the stolen data. No information may be released at this time
regarding the co-defendant.
Nash pleaded guilty to one count of Medicaid fraud, an unclassified felony, and was
sentenced to four years of incarceration. This sentence will run concurrently with a federal 15-
year sentence for unrelated crimes. Nash will be turned over to the United States Marshals
Service, which will transport him to a facility determined by the Federal Bureau of Prisons.
“This defendant conducted a shameless scheme of deception and theft, stealing the
identities of innocent victims who were seeking help, and depriving the State of badly-needed
funds to serve some of our more needy citizens. I am pleased that he has been stopped and is
being punished for his crimes.”
Attorney General Strange commended his Medicaid Fraud Control Unit for its steadfast
investigation of this case. He also thanked the Birmingham office of the United States Secret
Service, the United States Marshals Service, the Ohio Office of the United States Department of
Labor and the Ohio Attorney General’s Medicaid Fraud Control Unit, for their valuable
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