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April 12, 2012
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(MONTGOMERY)–Attorney General Luther Strange today launched a major
cooperative initiative among state agencies to fight public corruption. The Attorney
General’s Special Prosecutions Alliance brings together partner agencies to pool their
resources and expertise, guided by a new Special Prosecutions Division within the
Office of Attorney General.

“Crimes involving the breach of trust by public officials and employees have a
substantial and detrimental effect on the general welfare of the citizens of Alabama,”
stated Attorney General Strange. “In these times of scarce resources, it is even more
imperative that we protect the integrity of our government and of taxpayers’ money.
Our partner agencies bring an array of capabilities and expertise, and offer valuable
investigative, analytical, technical and legal resources. Working together in this
alliance, we will maximize our resources to more effectively combat crimes of public
corruption. Those who violate the public trust will be held to account.”

Attorney General Strange has tapped Special Prosecutor Matt Hart to lead the
new division, which will include prosecutors and investigators. State agencies joining as
partners are The Department of Examiners of Public Accounts, the Ethics Commission,
Department of Revenue, Department of Public Safety, Insurance Department, Office of
Prosecution Services, Alabama Securities Commission, Department of Economic and
Community Affairs, and Criminal Justice Information Center.

“Investigating and prosecuting violations of the public trust is one of the most
challenging missions in law enforcement. Attorney General Strange has made it clear
that this assignment is of the utmost importance to him and to the people of Alabama,”
stated Hart. “Those of us who have been tasked to execute this mission are humbled by
the trust and confidence the Attorney General has placed in us. The investigations and
prosecutions handled by the Special Prosecutions Division, in conjunction with our
AGSPA partners, will be conducted in accordance with the highest standards of
professionalism, accountability and impartiality. Those who would violate the public
trust can expect to be held to account without regard to political affiliation or position.
We will enforce the laws of the State of Alabama, relating to public integrity,
vigorously, professionally, and to conclusion in each and every case.”
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The cooperative partnership among the member agencies in the Attorney
General’s Special Prosecutions Alliance will be able to provide a more comprehensive
and efficient approach to the investigation and prosecutions of public corruption,
bringing the specialized knowledge and skills particular to each agency’s area of
responsibility. Leadership representatives of these partner agencies will comprise an
advisory committee to advise the Attorney General on matters pertaining special
prosecutions and the maintenance of governmental integrity.

The Alliance’s stated mission is to “deter corruption and related crimes, and
increase confidence in government, by effectively and efficiently investigating and
prosecuting significant criminal violations of the public trust.”