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November 29, 2012
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(MONTGOMERY) – Attorney General Luther Strange announced the conviction of
a Uniontown man for crimes involving a death and injuries in a 2011 shooting. Lamar
Montrell Williams, 30, was found guilty yesterday by a jury in Perry County Circuit
Court of manslaughter, attempted murder, first-degree assault and two counts of
second-degree assault.

The Attorney General’s Office presented evidence at a trial that began on
Monday, November 26. The shooting occurred in the early morning hours of March 20, 2011. Eyewitnesses testified that Williams raised a handgun and started shooting into a
crowd outside of Lee’s Country Inn on County Road 1 south of Uniontown. Jonathan
Butler, 29, of Orville, was killed, and four others were wounded.

“The reckless violence of this man’s crimes destroyed one life and devastated
others,” said Attorney General Strange. “His conviction provides a measure of justice
and serves as a warning to others.”

A sentencing hearing will be held following the completion of a pre-sentencing
investigation report. A date is not set at this time. Williams faces potential penalties of
15 years to life for the manslaughter conviction, life imprisonment for the attempted
murder conviction, 10 years to life for each of the two convictions for second-degree
assault, and 15 years to life for the first-degree assault conviction. Williams’ potential
sentences are enhanced due to two previous convictions of first-degree assault for a
2006 shooting in which two victims were wounded, also in Perry County. In addition,
revocation of his probation for the prior assault convictions is pending.

The case was prosecuted by the Attorney General’s Criminal Trials Division at
the recusal of the Perry County District Attorney due to a potential conflict. Attorney
General Strange commended Assistant Attorney General Andrew Arrington, and
thanked the Alabama Bureau of Investigation, the Perry County Sheriff’s Office and the
Uniontown Police Department.

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