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May 8, 2012
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Legislation approved on Sham Legal Proceedings, Disarming Officer
(MONTGOMERY) – Attorney General Luther Strange announced the passage
today of more bills in his legislative package, with the final approval of House Bill 99
regarding sham legal proceedings, and Senate Bill 91 which creates the crime of
disarming a law enforcement or corrections officer. The two bills passed both chambers
of the legislature without a dissenting vote and now go to the Governor for his
House Bill 99 sponsored by Rep. Randy Wood will protect law enforcement and
Alabamians from sham legal proceedings. Attorney General Strange included this bill
in his legislative package upon the strong recommendation of members of law
enforcement to fight such efforts to intimidate or hinder officers in the discharge of their
Senate Bill 91 sponsored by Sen. Tammy Irons provides tough penalties for the
disarming of a law enforcement officer. Previously, state law provided no specific
crime for disarming a law enforcement or corrections officer. This bill makes it a Class
C felony to intentionally remove a firearm or weapon, or to deprive a law enforcement
or corrections officer of its use when the officer is acting within the scope of his duty
and the person reasonably should have known that it was a law enforcement or
corrections officer.
“I am pleased that the Legislature has acted to approve these bills, which are
important to law enforcement and to the citizens of Alabama,” said Attorney General
Strange. “I want to thank those whose dedicated efforts made this possible, and
particularly those who sponsored these bills and helped in moving them forward to
successful passage: Rep. Randy Wood along with Senators Cam Ward & Jerry Fielding
for the sham legal proceedings bill, and Sen. Tammy Irons and Rep. Lynn Greer for the
disarming of an officer bill. Because of the commitment of these leaders and others, law
enforcement will have better tools to protect the people of Alabama.”

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