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October 16, 2012
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(MONTGOMERY) – Attorney General Luther Strange today presented the 13th
annual Attorney General’s Law Enforcement Summit, carrying on a tradition that was
begun in 2000 by former Attorney General Bill Pryor. This year’s theme was “From the
Crime Scene to the Courtroom, and Beyond.” More than 725 law enforcement officers
from throughout Alabama registered to attend, receiving practical information and
professional training with a primary focus on crime scene investigation as it relates to
the final prosecution. The 2012 summit was held in Montgomery at Frazer United
Methodist Church.
Attorney General Strange welcomed law enforcement officers and discussed the
event’s theme. “Teamwork is critical to the success of law enforcement. Each level of an
investigation must be carried out in a way to support the next step in the prosecution of
a case. This year we want to get everyone on the same page—from the first responder,
to the crime scene investigators, to the prosecutors in the courtroom. There are times
when one misstep can cause a whole case to be thrown out. Justice demands that we
each do our part to uphold the integrity of our investigations and prosecutions.”
This year’s conference featured a series of presentations from experts that
included the following: Lectures on the State of Florida v. Casey Anthony, from Major
Ron Stucker, Orange County Florida Sheriff’s Office; “Prosecution: Getting to the
Courtroom,” from Barry Matson, Deputy Director, Office of Prosecution Services; “The
Analysis of Forensic Evidence from the Crime Scene to the Courtroom – Firearms,
Drugs, and DNA Testing in Alabama,” from Angelo Della Manna, Assistant Director of
the Department of Forensic Sciences; and “Testimony and Legal Issues,” by Assistant
Attorney General Andrew Arrington of the Attorney General’s Criminal Trials
A panel discussion covering victim services was moderated by Patty DeBortoli,
Director of Victims Services for the Attorney General’s Office; with discussion from Dr.
Cassie Jones of the Alabama Crime Victims’ Compensation Commission; Trisha
Mellberg of the Alabama Office of Prosecution Services; and Chris Newlin, Executive
Director of the National Children’s Advocacy Center.
Attorney General Strange thanked those who provided valuable information in
these presentations, and also his Law Enforcement Coordinator, Louis Zook, as well as
Constituent Affairs Director Jeff Sommer, for their dedicated and outstanding work in
501 Washington Avenue Montgomery, AL 36104 (334) 242-7300
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organizing the summit. Zook came to the Attorney General’s Office in December of
2011 after serving nearly 17 years as police chief of Sylacauga.
A somber highlight of the day came with the commemoration of fallen officers
who lost their lives in the past year. The Attorney General honored these officers with
the presentation of memorial flags and certificates in honor of the following:
Officer David Riddlesperger, 48, of Fultondale Police Department died on
October 31, 2011, after being involved in a single-vehicle accident in the Fultondale
area. He was ending his tour of duty on the night shift when his patrol car struck a
building in a local parking lot. It is believed that he may have suffered a medical
emergency prior to the accident. Officer Riddlesperger retired from the Birmingham
Police Department in 2006 with 20 years of service, before joining the Fultondale Police
Department. He is survived by his wife and two sons.
Officer Steven Green, 36, of the Mobile Police Department died on February 3,
2012, as a result of being stabbed to death by a prisoner outside of the Mobile County
Metro Jail. The subject had been arrested by an off-duty police officer after attempting
to rob a dollar store. After being processed at the police station, he was being
transported to the county jail when he attacked and fatally stabbed Officer Green
outside of the jail complex. The subject then stole the officer’s service weapon and patrol
car. Other officers pursued the suspect to a home off of Dauphin Island Parkway where
he engaged them in a shootout, wounding one officer in the arm. The suspect suffered a
fatal gunshot wound during the exchange of shots. Officer Green had served as a police
officer for 20 months. He is survived by his wife, son, and two daughters.
Reserve Deputy Don Williams, 55, of the Dale County Sheriff’s Office died on
February 8, 2012, after being involved in a single-vehicle accident in Ozark. He had just
completed serving civil papers when his patrol car left the roadway and struck several
parked cars. It is believed that he may have suffered a medical emergency prior to the
accident. Deputy Williams had served as a reserve deputy for 17 years. He is survived
by his wife and six children.
Attorney General Strange thanked the officers in attendance today, and
expressed appreciation to their fellow officers in communities throughout Alabama. “I
am grateful for and proud of the bravery and unselfish dedication that law enforcement
officers give to people of Alabama in their service to us each day,” he said. “It is my
hope that this conference has provided valuable instruction and shared information that
you will take back to your communities and that it may be of assistance as you carry out
your noble task of protecting the people of Alabama.”
The Attorney General’s Office also distributed updated copies of the Alabama
Criminal Code to be given to law enforcement officers throughout Alabama. Those
departments that did not have a representative at the summit may contact the Attorney
General’s Office to arrange receipt of Criminal Code books for their officers.