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December 19, 2012
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MONTGOMERY -Attorney General Luther Strange said he is honored that the
Century Council is presenting him with its 2012 Leadership Award for efforts to reduce
underage drinking and drunk driving. Attorney General Strange partnered with the
organization during Alcohol Awareness Month this past April, along with basketball
player Shaquille O’Neal and a student-led initiative called LessThanUThink, to
reduce binge drinking at The University of Alabama.

“I want to thank the Century Council for this honor and more importantly for its
tireless work and dedication in fighting drunk driving and underage drinking,” said
Attorney General Strange.

The Century Council, a national not-for-profit organization, has been a leader
in addressing the issue of alcohol overconsumption on college campuses. In
designating Attorney General Strange as its leadership award recipient, the group
praised his outstanding commitment to fighting drunk driving and underage
“Attorney General Strange’s willingness to spend time on college campuses
and talk with students about the issue of overconsumption of alcohol proves that he
is a tireless advocate for the people of Alabama,” said Ralph Blackman, President
and CEO of The Century Council. “The Attorney General’s leadership on this issue
has helped educate many on the dangers of overconsumption and we applaud his
The Council cites progress in the fight against underage drinking, noting that
nationwide, trends in alcohol consumption among college students continue to
slowly decline across all prevalence rates measured – from 1991 to 2011 annual
consumption declined 12%, monthly alcohol consumption has declined 15% and
binge drinking among college students has declined even more over this same
period of time – down 16% from 43% to 36% in 2011. (Source: University of
Michigan, Monitoring the Future, 2012). Yet as 64% of college students report binge
drinking, the Council notes, it is clear that more attention to this important issue is
needed. In announcing the award, the Council commended Attorney General
Strange’s leadership in Alabama on this issue for helping educate citizens, especially
college students, on the dangers of binge drinking and effective ways to reduce it.
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