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August 22, 2017

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Alabama Attorney General

(MONTGOMERY) – Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall and Jefferson
County District Attorney Pro Tem Danny Carr today announced a court ruling against
a Birmingham gambling facility. The prosecutors stated that, once again, the courts of
Alabama have upheld the prohibitions of gambling and slot machines in this state.
The ruling by the Jefferson County Circuit Court was against Bid City and its
machines. Bid City offered computer systems with software from Blue Streak Bids,
LLC, doing business as Redibids, that included illegal sweepstakes games in
conjunction with online auctions.
After hearing evidence in a bench trial, on August 14 the Court found that the
machines operated as slot machines under Alabama law. The Court condemned and
forfeited the machines to the State of Alabama, and the associated seized currency was
forfeited to go to the General Fund, as required by law.
As a result of this case, Attorney General Marshall also announced that he has
issued a cease and desist letter to Blue Streak Bids, LLC, parent company and operator
of Redibids.com. The company’s website offers the same illegal games that were found
by the Circuit Court to be illegal gambling. An investigation of the site by the Attorney
General’s office determined that the website is accessible to any citizen in this state and
offers illegal gambling the same as that which was prosecuted in Jefferson County. Blue
Streak Bids, LLC has until September 1, 2017, to cease offering illegal gambling on their
website in the State of Alabama.

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“It is my duty as Attorney General to uphold Alabama law and protect those
who may otherwise unwittingly fall prey to this type of illegal activity,” said Attorney
General Marshall. “I was pleased to work side-by-side with District Attorney Danny
Carr and Jefferson County Sheriff Mike Hale to ensure that those who willingly seek to
take advantage of Alabamians and break our laws are held to account.”
Jefferson County District Attorney Pro Tem Carr stated, “The Jefferson County
District Attorney’s Office is determined to protect our citizens from all forms of
financial exploitation. Bid City profited by targeting our communities, and
misrepresenting their slot-style machines as legal sweepstakes. My office is bound to
uphold the law of the State of Alabama, and is dedicated to dismantling all illegal
enterprises operating within our jurisdiction. I thank the Jefferson County Sheriff’s
Office for its tireless investigative work, and the Attorney General’s Office for its
assistance in this case.”
Attorney General Marshall commended the Jefferson County District Attorney’s
Office and Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office in the prosecution of this case, noting
especially the work of Deputy District Attorney Rob Drake, and thanked Assistant
Attorney General John Kachelman for his assistance in the trial of this matter.