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August 26, 2015
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(MONTGOMERY) – Attorney General Luther Strange noted that used automobile
problems are among the most common complaints received by his Consumer Protection
Section, and today reminded consumers of certain precautions recommended for making
such a purchase.
“Many of the protections available when purchasing a new vehicle do not apply
when you are buying one that is used,” said Attorney General Strange. “Therefore, it is
even more important for consumers to be extremely careful before buying a used vehicle.
There are many good and reliable used vehicles, but consumers need to be mindful of good
practices and precautions.”
Attorney General Strange offered the following recommendations and points for
consumers to consider:

  • Inspection: It is the consumer’s responsibility to reasonably inspect a vehicle or to have
    someone with knowledge look at it. Have a mechanic or someone who is very familiar
    with automobiles check the car over if possible.
  • Carfax: The consumer should not depend on the dealer to run the Carfax or similar
    report, but should instead get a copy of the report for themselves. An automobile is a
    significant investment and it is wise to spend a few more dollars for a reliable report that
    may provide knowledge of previous maintenance and any damage.
  • Test drive: Do a test drive of any vehicle before actually purchasing it. Never buy an
    automobile without verifying that it does run and how well it drives.
  • “As Is”: Be aware that “As Is” means exactly that: the car is sold as it is, without any
    warranty. Even if problems immediately occur, they are not covered.
  • Lemon Law: Alabama’s lemon law only covers new vehicles. A used automobile has no
    lemon law protection.
    Consumers with questions about the purchase of used cars or other consumer
    matters may contact the Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Section by calling toll-free
    to 1-800-392-5658. Additional information is available at the Attorney General’s webpage,
    501 Washington Avenue * Montgomery, AL 36104 * (334) 242-7300