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October 4, 2012
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(MONTGOMERY) – A hearing is set for October 10 in Jefferson County Circuit
Court regarding the Attorney General’s request for a preliminary injunction against a
Pelham roofing company and its managers who are accused of taking significant
deposits from customers for work that was never completed. On September 26, the
court granted the Attorney General’s motion for a temporary restraining order against
Cornerstone Renovations, LLC; the company’s chief financial officer, David C. Sorjonen
of Georgia; and its chief sales manager, Shawn A. Lay of Hoover.

The motion for a preliminary injunction, to keep the restraining order in effect
and protect consumers, will be heard at 1:30 p.m. in Room 360 of the Jefferson County
Courthouse by Judge Joseph L. Boohaker.

Attorney General Strange’s motion asserts that, after taking deposits of several-
thousand dollars the defendants “failed to deliver, repair, and replace the roofs of more
than 70 of its customers after a period of several months.” In a civil complaint filed
September 24, the Attorney General notes that the defendants Sorjonen and Lay
previously served as managers with Georgia Roofing and Construction, a company that
declared a $2.8 million bankruptcy in 2010. That unexpected and sudden bankruptcy
left more than 500 people, including 169 Alabamians, with repairs never performed and
with their cash deposits lost.

“It is important that the court grants our request to extend its protection of
consumers from further damage,” said Attorney General Strange. “A pattern of
fraudulent behavior is clear from the history of Cornerstone’s managers. This was
continued by the intolerable act of preying upon Alabamians who suffered from storms.
We are resolute in taking action to stop further abuse and to make right the harm that
has been done.”
The Attorney General’s complaint against Cornerstone, Sorjonen and Lay states
that the defendants dispatched sales representatives to go door-to-door to solicit
customers after storms struck Alabama neighborhoods. These sales representatives
convinced homeowners to sign binding contracts and endorse over insurance checks.
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Later, as months passed with no work being done, defendants blamed the
weather, shipment delays, contractor disputes, overworked employees and higher-need
customers. Those excuses continued even after defendants abandoned their office with
the deposit money of more than 70 Alabamians. Of others who did get roofs, many
found the results “sub-standard.” For some of those customers, Cornerstone employees
created damages even beyond what previously existed. These victims also are seeking
to get their money back and their roofs fixed.
Given these allegations, the Attorney General’s lawsuit seeks a permanent
injunction prohibiting defendants from operating in the construction industry, an order
requiring refunds for all affected customers and the payment of maximum fines and
penalties. Until the October 10 hearing, defendants are prohibited from being a seller,
servicer or supplier for any consumer transaction in Alabama.
Attorney General Strange urges any customers of Cornerstone Renovations who
did not receive repairs after paying and who have not already filed a complaint with his
Office or the Better Business Bureau to contact his office. Consumers may file a
complaint online at www.ago.alabama.gov., or they may call toll-free to 1-800-392-5658.
The Attorney General commended Assistant Attorneys General Noel Barnes and Kyle
Beckman, as well as Jamie Goolsby with the Trussville Police Department. He also
thanked the Hoover Police Department for its assistance.