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August l4 2018

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Alabama Attorney General

AG Steve Marshall Announces Court of Criminal Appeals
Upholds Henry County Capital Murder Convictions and Death Sentence
(MONTGOMERY) – Attorney General Steve Marshall announced that the Alabama Court of
Criminal Appeals on Friday upheld the capital murder convictions and sentence of death of Justice
Jerrell Knight. Knight, 27, of Dothan, was convicted in Henry County Circuit Court in September
2016 for three counts of capital murder for killing Jarvis Daffin.
Evidence presented at trial established that the victim and his killer had been friends, and that in
February 2012, they were planning to use anticipated tax refunds to buy cars. However, Knight
learned that he would not be receiving a refund because of an IRS audit, whereas Daffin would be
getting more than $6,500. Knight then arranged with another man, Antwain “Duke” Wingard, to
drive Daffin to pick up and cash his tax return and then rob him. Under the guise of taking him to
an auto shop to purchase the car, Knight and Wingard kidnapped, robbed and murdered Daffin.
Knight sat in the back seat and Daffin was in the front passenger seat, and Knight shot Daffin once
in the back of the head. Knight and Wingard stopped near a dirt road in a rural and remote area of
farmland in Henry County, dragged Daffin’s body to a wooded area near a cotton field and
covered him with debris. Knight and Wingard tried to conceal their crimes, attempting to clean
the car and get rid of the gun. However, members of the Wingard family contacted law
enforcement. Knight had fled to Miami but was later apprehended.
The Henry County District Attorney’s Office prosecuted the case. A Henry County jury convicted
Knight of three counts of capital murder. The jury recommended that Knight be sentenced to death
for his capital murder convictions. The trial judge accepted the jury’s recommendations and
sentenced Knight to death. Knight sought to have his convictions and sentence reversed on appeal.
The co-defendant, Antwain Wingard, also was indicted on capital murder charges and is awaiting
The Attorney General’s Capital Litigation Division represented the State during Knight’s
appeal, urging the Court of Criminal Appeals to reject Knight’s arguments and for the Court of
Criminal Appeals to affirm the convictions. On Friday, August 10, 2018, that court affirmed
Knight’s convictions and sentence.
Attorney General Marshall commended Assistant Attorney General John Selden of the Attorney
General’s Capital Litigation Division for his successful work in this case.

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