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March 12, 2018
Steve Marshall
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(MONTGOMERY) Attorney General Steve Marshall announced the Alabama Court of Criminal
Appeals has upheld Lee County Murder convictions in two separate decisions issued Friday,
March 10. The Court upheld the murder conviction of Cornelius Curezz Reese and in a
separate case upheld the murder and attempted murder convictions of Shamond Danta
Williams and Shatarious Raymoine Cobb.
Reese, 29, of Auburn, was convicted in Lee County Circuit Court in September of 2016 for the
murder of Deon Nelms. In Reese’s case, evidence presented at trial indicated that on February
14, 2015, Reese, the boyfriend of Nelm’s estranged wife, had an argument on the telephone with
Nelms and told Nelms to meet him on Spencer Line. Reese told Nelms that he had a gun and
“was going to shoot”. Later that evening, Reese shot and killed Nelms on Spencer Avenue.
Reese later made an admission to police on the telephone, and turned himself in.
Williams 26, and Cobb, 25, both of Auburn, were tried together in Lee County Circuit Court and
both were convicted of the murder of Marquez Patrick and the attempted murder of Johnny
Jackson. In Williams’ and Cobb’s cases, evidence presented at trial indicated that in the early
morning hours of December 15, 2015, Williams and Patrick got into an argument outside of a
club called Jackie Lee’s. Jackson approached Patrick, patted him on the back and told him they
needed to leave. As they were walking away, Williams and Cobb opened fire on Patrick and
Jackson. Patrick was struck eight times and died from his injuries and forensic testing showed
Patrick was struck by bullets fired from more than one gun. Jackson was struck in the legs six
times, but survived.
The cases were prosecuted at trial by the Lee County District Attorney’s office. Reese was
sentenced to 40 years’ imprisonment for his murder conviction. Williams and Cobb were each
sentenced to 30 years imprisonment for their murder conviction and to 20 years imprisonment
for their attempted murder conviction. Each defendant subsequently sought to have each of his
convictions reversed on appeal.
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The Attorney General’s Criminal Appeals Section handled the cases during the appeals process,

arguing for the Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals to affirm the convictions. The Court did so
in two separate decisions issued Friday, March 10.
Attorney General Marshall commended the Chief of his Criminal Appeals Section, James Houts,
and Assistant Attorney General Kristi Wilkerson for their successful work in these cases.