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October 12, 2017

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Alabama Attorney General


(MONTGOMERY) – Attorney General Steve Marshall called on Alabamians to
observe October as National Domestic Violence Awareness Month by recognizing the
terrible costs of lives lost and damaged, celebrating and honoring those who have
struggled and survived, and supporting those who dedicate themselves to assist and
advocate for victims of this tragic crime.
“Public awareness is a vital weapon against domestic violence,” said Attorney
General Marshall. “This is a pervasive and secretive crime because offenders try to
make victims believe the attacks are their own fault, and use the victims’ affection and
dependence to keep them trapped in a vicious cycle. Sadly, whether we realize it or not,
all of us know people whose lives have been marked by domestic violence. Victims
need to know that they are not alone, that they need not be ashamed, and that they may
be provided with justice.”
Nearly one in three adult women will be physically assaulted by a partner, but
only one fourth of such assaults are ever reported to police, according to statistics from
the Alabama Coalition Against Domestic Violence’s webpage. Last year in Alabama, 18
percent of all violent offenses reported were domestic violence incidents, according to
the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency’s Statistical Analysis Center. There were
indications of domestic violence in 4,611 of all offenses, including 43 homicides, 238
rapes, 95 robberies, and 4,235 aggravated assaults.
Victims may seek help by calling the Alabama Coalition Against Domestic
Violence (ACADV) crisis line at 1-800-650-6522 or the National Domestic Violence
Hotline at 1-800-799-7233. Another available resource, called “Love is Respect,” has a
hotline at 1-866-331-9474, or may be reached by texting ‘loveis” to the number 22522.
The U.S. National Sexual Assault Hotline – 1-800-656-4673 – automatically connects to a
local rape crisis program based on the caller’s area code. A list of safe shelters and other
resources is available through the ACADV website at http://www.acadv.org/get-
501 Washington Avenue * Montgomery, AL 36104 * (334) 242-7300
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Attorney General Marshall commended the valuable services of victims’
advocates throughout Alabama who provide information and assistance to domestic
violence victims. “Caring volunteers and professionals hear the cries of victims who
were betrayed by those closest to them. It can begin with someone just listening and
caring, and then showing the victims a way out where they had felt trapped and lost.
Oftentimes, survivors may provide the strength and understanding to help others.”
Throughout this month, the Attorney General is privately visiting with advocates and
victims at domestic abuse shelters in Alabama.
He also thanked the staff of the Attorney General’s Office of Victim Assistance,
who work with victims and their families to provide information and help in
understanding various steps throughout the judicial process. They can be reached toll-
free at 1-800-626-7676, or through the Attorney General’s webpage at
As a long-time prosecutor, Steve Marshall has been a champion for domestic
violence victims both as Attorney General and for the previous 16 years as the District
Attorney for Marshall County. Under his tenure, the Marshall County District
Attorney’s Office was recognized by the Alabama Department of Economic and
Community Affairs as a model domestic violence prosecution program. He successfully
supported passage of “Kelley’s Law” which makes it a capital crime to murder someone
who has a protective order against the offender and was named in honor of a Marshall
County woman who was murdered.
“It will take all of us working together to fight domestic violence. Friends and
families, local community members, victims’ advocates, law enforcement and
prosecutors, we all stand with those who need our help to survive and overcome, to see
that offenders are stopped and punished, and to remember and honor those who were
lost,” said Attorney General Marshall.