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January 11, 2018
Steve Marshall
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(MONTGOMERY) – Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall has joined Georgia-based
nonprofit organization, Street Grace, and 10 other attorneys general in participating in an effort
to raise public awareness of sex trafficking in Alabama. January is Human Trafficking
Awareness Month in Alabama and January 11, 2018, is Human Trafficking Awareness Day.
“Human trafficking is the second largest criminal business in the world and it has been allowed
to flourish because it remains largely hidden from public view,” said Attorney General Steve
Marshall. “Human trafficking and, in particular sex trafficking, is occurring every day in
communities all across Alabama. The victims are often minors who have been lured into the
most frightening and despicable abuses imaginable.
“As a prosecutor in North Alabama for 16 years, I have personally witnessed how human
traffickers manipulate and virtually enslave their victims. These criminals often target runaway
teens, forcing them into prostitution. More than a half million victims are trafficked in the
United States every year with many passing through Alabama along our major highways.
Some of the most used routes for human trafficking are I-10, I-20, I-65 and I-85.
“While law enforcement is devoting more time and resources to look for human traffickers, I
have joined other attorneys general in partnering with the nonprofit group Street Grace in
helping to raise awareness of sex trafficking through the DEMAND AN END initiative. In a
public service announcement entitled “Unmasked” released this month by my office, we make
it known that those people who buy the services of sex traffickers will also be caught and
“The goal for the DEMAND AN END initiative is to create a nationwide, inclusive campaign
under a single brand that will create awareness and provide education regarding the issues and
solutions to end sex trafficking by addressing the demand. Additionally, local authorities are
trained to recognize and report suspected cases of sex trafficking,” said Bob Rodgers, CEO of
Street Grace. “In addition, DEMAND AN END aims to aid in the training of law enforcement
and judicial officials so that they are better equipped to investigate, arrest, recognize and
aggressively prosecute buyers and traffickers. By committing to becoming a DEMAND AN
END state, Attorney General Marshall is sending a clear message to all who wish to harm our
children by letting them know that the state of Alabama is a hostile environment for buyers of
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sex and traffickers. Clearly this is a priority for Attorney General Marshall and we are honored
to join with him in support of this mission.”
States joining DEMAND AN END include Alabama, Arizona, Georgia, Indiana, Kansas,
Maryland, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico and South Carolina, as well as the District of
Columbia. More information about DEMAND AN END can be found at
www.streetgrace.org/demand-an-end/ .
“Criminal activity thrives when there is a market for it and I applaud DEMAND AN END and
Attorney General Marshall for focusing attention on the customers of sex trafficking,” said Pat
McCay of the Alabama Human Trafficking Task Force. “Those who support sex trafficking are
not anonymous and they will be held accountable.”
Attorney General Marshall is also a member of the Alabama Human Trafficking Task Force that
was established to fight all forms of human trafficking and assist in aiding the victims of this
terrible crime. More information about the Alabama Human Trafficking Task Force can be
found at www.ENDITAlabama.org.
“Alabamians can also play a valuable role in combating human trafficking by being aware of
suspicious activity in public places and reporting it promptly to local law enforcement,” added
Attorney General Marshall. “Human trafficking is not someone else’s problem, it is a crime
against our children and our society.”
To report suspected human trafficking or to request help in Alabama, contact your local law
enforcement. You may also contact the National Human Trafficking Hotline at 1-888-373-7888
or text HELP to BeFree (233733).