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June 8, 2011
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(MONTGOMERY) – Earlier today, Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange
questioned former BP Chief Executive Officer Tony Hayward in London regarding
the 2010 Gulf Oil Spill. Attorney General Strange deposed Hayward in his role as
the Coordinating Counsel for the Gulf States, a position granted him by the federal
district court overseeing the national litigation resulting from the Spill.

Attorney General Strange questioned Hayward about BP’s role in the
disaster, Hayward’s publicized commitment that BP will make right the massive
damage that was caused by the Spill, and how Hayward had intended for BP to
meet that obligation. Due to a court-imposed confidentiality order, particular
details about the content of Hayward’s testimony may not be disclosed at this time.

The Alabama Attorney General said his deposition of Hayward is another
step in the complex legal process to hold BP and other parties responsible for the
harm done to the Gulf Coast states:

“It is imperative that we act aggressively to protect our rights,” said Attorney
General Strange. “The stakes in this case are tremendous and unprecedented. We
have suffered great natural disasters throughout history, but this oil spill wreaked
havoc upon our land and our people unlike any man-made disaster we have ever
faced. We have paid a terrible price in economic, environmental and human
suffering, and the Gulf Coast people deserve to be compensated fully and fairly. As
Attorney General of Alabama, and as Coordinating Counsel for the States, I am
determined to fulfill my duty to hold to account those whose actions caused this

Following his deposition of Hayward, Attorney General Strange will return to
Alabama later this week.

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