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January 27, 2011
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Attorney General Luther Strange Appointed Coordinating Counsel
In Oil- Spill Litigation

(Montgomery) – Earlier today, Judge Barbier of the United States District
Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana appointed Alabama Attorney General
Luther Strange as Coordinating Counsel for the State Interests in the Deepwater
Horizon oil-spill litigation. In that role, General Strange’s duties will include
scheduling meetings, appearing at court noticed conferences, acting on behalf of
the states that are a party to the Multi-District Litigation, coordinating discovery
with the Plaintiff Steering Committee and Defense Steering Committee, and
carrying out other duties assigned by the court. Attorney General Strange will be
in New Orleans on Friday, January 28, for a status conference with Judge Barbier.

“I am honored to serve as coordinating counsel for the states in the MDL,”
said Strange. “I pledge to work tirelessly with my fellow Attorneys General to
ensure that the interests of Alabama and the other Gulf states affected by the oil
spill are represented in the litigation. The states have claims that are distinct from
those asserted by individuals and businesses, and I appreciate Judge Barbier
recognizing that distinction and giving the states a seat at the table.”

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