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February 5, 2019
Steve Marshall
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Attorney General Steve Marshall Releases Report on Officer-Involved
Shooting Death of Emantic “E.J.” Bradford Jr. to
Hoover Police Department and
Alabama State Bureau of Investigation

(MONTGOMERY) – Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall today informed the
Hoover Police Department and the Alabama State Bureau of Investigation that he has
concluded that the Hoover police officer who shot and killed Emantic “E.J.” Bradford Jr.
at the Riverchase Galleria mall on November 22, 2018, did not commit a crime under
Alabama law and thus will not be criminally charged for his actions. The Attorney
General further noted that it was his understanding that the Federal Bureau of
Investigation had reviewed the matter and found no evidence to initiate a case against
the officer for civil rights violation(s).
Also this morning, the Attorney General’s Office showed surveillance video of the
shooting death of E.J. Bradford Jr. to Bradford’s parents and attorneys, who had
requested to be shown the video and to have it released to the public.
Linked to this release is a website that contains a copy of the Attorney General’s report
into the shooting death of E.J. Bradford Jr., synchronized surveillance video depicting
the shooting death of E.J. Bradford Jr., and written correspondence relevant to this

  • Link to website containing materials and video related to the officer-involved
    shooting death of E.J. Bradford Jr.
  • Link for broadcast media to broadcast format video


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