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September 6, 2018
Steve Marshall
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Attorney General Steve Marshall Announces Cessation of Illegal Gambling
in Houston County

(MONTGOMERY) – Attorney General Steve Marshall announced today that the
Houston Economic Development Association (“HEDA”) – a non-profit organization
in Houston County – has agreed to cease its illegal gambling operations at Center
Stage. The agreement stems from a lawsuit filed by Marshall against the casino and
the Houston County Commission in October of last year.

Today’s resolution of the Houston County case by Attorney General Marshall is the
second of these cases to successfully curb illegal gambling operations. On October
26, 2017, the Morgan County Circuit Court sided with the State when it ordered
River City Entertainment to shutter its doors, enjoining their illegal activity. Now
in Houston County, HEDA must immediately remove all illegal table games from
the facility, remove all illegal electronic games of chance by the end of the month,
and only offer the game of bingo that is legal under the laws of Alabama.

“It is my duty as Attorney General to enforce Alabama’s laws and to prevent
individuals and organizations from offering illegal gambling in our state,” said
Attorney General Steve Marshall. “As a result of the State’s suit, HEDA has agreed
to remove the games in question and has agreed to change its operations to comply
with the law.”

Attorney General Marshall commended Assistant Attorney General John
Kachelman of the Attorney General’s Criminal Trials Division for his work in
bringing this case to a successful conclusion. He also commended Special Agents of
his Investigations Division and thanked the Houston County Sheriff’s Office for
their exemplary work in the investigation and litigation of this matter.

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Link to HEDA agreement
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