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October 10, 2018

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Alabama Attorney General

AG Steve Marshall Announces Court of Criminal Appeals
Upholds Randolph County Murder Conviction

(MONTGOMERY) Attorney General Steve Marshall announced that the Alabama
Court of Criminal Appeals upheld the murder conviction of Tyrik Lataz Treadwell.
Treadwell, 20, of Roanoke, was convicted in Randolph County Circuit Court in
November 2017 for the murder of Rodriguez Staples.
Evidence was presented at trial that on January 12, 2013, Treadwell and Charles Brown
went to the Traveler’s Inn in Randolph County to rob Staples, and that Treadwell killed
Staples. Two women, Samantha Golden and Amber “Nicki” Elsea, both pleaded guilty
to conspiracy to commit robbery for their roles in helping to set up the victim and
waiting in a getaway vehicle. Golden testified that Treadwell told her he shot Staples
three times, and when his gun jammed, he handed the gun to Brown, who also shot
Randolph County District Attorney Jeremy Duerr prosecuted the case in circuit court.
Treadwell was sentenced to 65 years’ imprisonment for the murder conviction, which
he appealed. The other participant in the killing, Brown, earlier pleaded guilty to
murder and was sentenced to 50 years’ imprisonment.
The Attorney General’s Criminal Appeals Division represented the State during
Treadwell’s appeal, urging the Court of Criminal Appeals to reject Treadwell’s
arguments and to affirm the conviction. On Friday, October 5, that court affirmed
Treadwell’s conviction.
Attorney General Marshall commended Assistant Attorney General Michael Nunnelley
of the Attorney General’s Criminal Appeals Division for his successful work in this case.

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