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For Immediate Release:
November 7, 2022

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Attorney General Steve Marshall Asks the People of Alabama to Vote “Yes” for Aniah’s Law

(MONTGOMERY) Attorney General Steve Marshall released a video statement Monday morning expressing his strong support for Statewide Amendment 1, which would create Aniah’s Law, and asking the people of Alabama to vote to adopt the amendment when they cast their ballots on Tuesday.

A transcript of Attorney General Marshall’s remarks:

On Election Day, several proposed amendments to the state constitution will be on the ballot. One is vital for public safety. That would be Amendment 1, which creates what is known as “Aniah’s Law.”

As you will recall, Aniah Blanchard was the young woman who, in 2019, went missing and was later found murdered. The man charged with Aniah’s abduction and murder was out on bond at the time he committed his heinous acts, despite already being charged with multiple violent crimes, including kidnapping.

Aniah’s case was a terrible tragedy that drew national attention, but I am here to tell you that hers is not the only case of this kind – and it won’t be the last. That’s why we need Aniah’s Law.

Aniah’s Law – which you will find on your ballot as Amendment 1 – amends the state constitution to allow judges the discretion to deny bond to violent criminals like Aniah’s murderer.

So, on Tuesday, be sure to vote “yes” on Amendment 1, which will keep dangerous criminals off the street and the public out of harm’s way.
And thank you to Aniah’s family for leading the charge to make Alabama a safer place.

The video statement can be viewed here and downloaded here.

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