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October 10, 2018
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Alabama Attorney General

Attorney General Steve Marshall, Home Builders Licensure
Board Warn Against Home Repair Fraud in the Wake of
Hurricane Michael
(MONTGOMERY) – Attorney General Steve Marshall and the Alabama Home
Builders Licensure Board are warning consumers to be wary of home repair fraud
that may occur in the wake of Hurricane Michael.
The Home Builders Licensure Board maintains an official list of licensed
residential homebuilders for the state and urges hurricane victims to check this
before doing business with a homebuilder or remodeler. The Board’s website
(www.hblb.alabama.gov) contains a wealth of information to help protect
Alabama’s consumers from dishonest and unqualified contractors.
The state homebuilders and remodelers license is required when the cost of the job
is more than $10,000. However, consumers are encouraged to seek out licensees of
the Board even if the scope of the work is less than $10,000.
“It is bad enough for people to suffer the devastation left by a hurricane, without
being caused further harm from those who would commit home repair fraud,”
said Attorney General Marshall. “It is important that consumers be mindful that
unscrupulous people may seek to take advantage of their misfortune. To those
who suffer damage, we urge you to take precautions for your protection, and to
those who would take advantage of this disaster, we warn that home repair fraud
is a serious crime that will not be tolerated”
Executive Director J.R. “Chip” Carden cautions homeowners who experience
damage as a result of Hurricane Michael, emphasizing how important it is for the
consumer to know about the potential problems of contracting for homebuilding
and remodeling with unlicensed contractors. “Do your homework,” Carden
advises. “Call any references the builder gives you, and check with the Board to
check if a builder is licensed and in good standing. Don’t be in a rush. A bad
decision now can make a difficult situation even worse.”
501 Washington Avenue * Montgomery, AL 36104 * (334) 242-7300
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Attorney General Marshall and the Home Builders Licensure Board outlined steps
consumers should take when working with a builder:

  • Ask if they are licensed. Ask to see the card! The HBLB license is a credit
    card-sized license – a sample is listed on HBLB’s website. You may check
    on a builder’s license status by calling 1-800-304-0853, or by visiting
  • Ask for and check references, especially if the builder makes unsolicited
    contact with you or is from out-of-town.
  • Make sure quotes and contracts are in writing. Under state law, licensed
    homebuilders must use a written contract. Make sure it includes the
    contractor’s full name, address, telephone number, a description of the
    work to be performed, starting and estimated completion dates, and the
    total cost of the job.
  • NEVER make a full payment or substantial down payment up front. Do
    not make a final payment until you are satisfied and all subcontractors
    have been paid. If they tell you that more money is needed in advance, be
  • Ask for proof of insurance, including workers compensation and
    general liability.
    For information contact the Home Builders Licensure Board, 445 Herron Street,
    Montgomery, Alabama 36104, (334) 242-2230 or 1-800-304-0853 or
    If consumers have a concern or feel they may have been victimized by home
    repair fraud, they may report this to the Attorney General’s Consumer Interest
    Division by calling toll-free 1-800-392-5658, visiting the Attorney General’s
    website to file a complaint https://ago.alabama.gov/ConsumerComplaint, or by
    writing to 501 Washington Avenue, Montgomery, Alabama, 36130.