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April 13, 2018

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Alabama Attorney General


(MONTGOMERY) – Attorney General Steve Marshall capped National Crime Victims’ Rights
Week by honoring a five-year-old black lab named Willow for her special ability to ease the
stress of children and adult victims of crime.
During a ceremony in the Attorney General’s Office Friday afternoon, Marshall read from a
certificate praising Willow as a hero who, like her human counterparts, shares a calling to serve
those victimized by crime no matter their age.
“As we shine the spotlight on those heroes and recognize that you don’t have to be a human to
show empathy and love to those in need, I am proud to honor a four-legged hero who has made
a tremendous difference in the lives of hundreds of crime victims – young and old – in the four
short years that she has been called to service here in Alabama,” said Attorney General
“Willow is a very special dog. She is a well-trained ‘facility dog’ with a mission. Willow works
with her handler and partner, Tamara Martin, a forensic interviewer at Child Protect Children’s
Advocacy Center, to assist crime victims and witnesses in all phases of the court system from
preliminary hearings to sentencing. Her duty is to put crime victims at ease during forensic
interviews, counseling sessions and while testifying in court. She is very busy, usually serving
35 to 40 crime victims and family members a month.
“Willow has been used extensively here in Alabama to assist crime victims and the prosecutors
who seek justice on their behalf. Since I have become attorney general, Willow has helped us
work three cases involving children – one a murder case and the other two involving sexual
“Willow was chosen to serve in this special role due to her calm demeanor and ability to work
in a high stress environment. Willow is one of many such canine heroes serving throughout the
country in prosecutors’ offices, child advocacy centers and in family courts.
“On behalf of the Alabama Attorney General’s Office, I am proud to present Willow with this
special recognition for her unique dedication to serving the most vulnerable of Alabama as they
seek justice.”
Photo of Attorney General Marshall presenting certificate to Willow’s trainer, Tamara Martin, is linked
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