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For Immediate Release:
September 2, 2022

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Mike Lewis (334) 353-2199

Attorney General Steve Marshall Signs Women’s Bill of Rights

(MONTGOMERY) – Attorney General Steve Marshall announced he signed the Women’s Bill of Rights, along with nine other fellow attorneys general. Sponsored by the Independent Women’s Voice, the document affirms the legal basis for maintaining single-sex spaces, such as rape crisis centers, domestic violence shelters, athletic teams, locker rooms and sororities.

The Women’s Bill of Rights has been signed by more than 11,000 citizens across the country, from state attorneys general and legislators to U.S. senators and congressmen.

“We are proud to sign the Women’s Bill of Rights, which simply and commonsensically defines terms like ‘man’ and ‘woman,’ ‘male’ and ‘female,’ and protects the legal rights and equal opportunities of women and girls,” said Katherine Robertson, chief counsel to Attorney General Steve Marshall. “Women of every political persuasion are deeply troubled by the ongoing degradation of womanhood and women’s rights at the hands of the left, who profane females as being merely ‘birthing bodies’ and find it impossible to define what a woman is. You don’t have to be a biologist to see the problems this has created for real women.”

In signing the Women’s Bill of Rights, Attorney General Steve Marshall remarked, “Progressives have launched an all-out crusade to impose on the American people a ‘political language . . . designed to make lies sound truthful,’ to quote George Orwell. The state of Alabama has been on the front lines in fighting back against the left’s duplicity and insanity, and I am proud to support this national effort to urge other states to prioritize this issue.”

The goal of the Women’s Bill of Rights is simple: to codify the commonsense understanding of male and female in both state and federal law. Learn more at WomensBillOfRights.com.