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For Immediate Release:
November 16, 2023

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(Montgomery)—Attorney General Steve Marshall issued the following statement tonight after the execution of Casey Allen McWhorter at the William C. Holman Correctional Facility in Atmore, Alabama:

Casey McWhorter was put to death for the brutal murder and robbery of Edward Lee Williams of Marshall County. Justice is the value we place on the life that was wronged. I regret that Mr. Williams’s family had to wait for over three decades for this finality. Most of us will never understand the agony that families like the Williams faced, waiting to see if the justice system really is just.

As you might expect, the usual suspects are claiming that this just punishment is cruel and atrocious. I find it contemptible that so-called advocates have neglected to mention the details of Mr. Williams’s murder and the agony that his family has suffered since that terrible day. Edward Williams was shot 11 times, and as he lay on the ground fighting for his life, this murderer shot him in the head to ensure he was dead. In my book, that is cruel and atrocious.

I ask the people of Alabama to join me in praying for Edward’s family and friends, and that they might at last find peace and closure.

Attorney General Marshall informed the Alabama Department of Corrections shortly after 3:00 p.m. that there were no remaining legal challenges to the execution of the sentence.

Casey McWhorter’s officially pronounced time of death was 6:56 p.m.

Summary of the Facts of the Case

On a cold day in the winter of 1993, Casey McWhorter carried out the plot that he had been conspiring to commit for nearly a month: to rob and murder Ed Williams.

Weeks earlier, Lee Williams had asked Casey McWhorter and Daniel Miner to murder his father, Ed Williams. McWhorter—who lived a life that had been, in his own words, “going deeper and deeper into an evil hole”—was more than happy to oblige his friend after being informed that he would be able to steal “a bunch of pistols” and “a bunch of money” from Ed Williams in exchange for taking his life.

After repeated discussions and careful planning, the murder plot was finally put into action on Thursday, February 18, 1993. In the midafternoon of that day, Casey McWhorter and Daniel Miner were dropped off nearby Ed Williams’s house. Knowing that Williams would not get home from work until later that evening, they entered his empty house and went to work.

For the next few hours, Casey McWhorter and Daniel Miner busied themselves gathering up various items to steal and readying for their ambush attack. As part of the preparations, McWhorter manufactured homemade silencers for two .22-caliber rifles, test firing them into a mattress to ensure everything was in proper working order. And then the duo laid in wait.

When Ed Williams arrived home, he immediately noticed that things were amiss. Spotting Daniel Miner, he confronted him, grabbed his rifle, and pulled it away. As Miner panicked, Casey McWhorter calmly stepped out of the shadows and shot Williams, who yelled out in pain and fell to the ground. McWhorter, whose rifle had jammed, picked up Miner’s rifle and continued shooting Williams as he desperately tried to crawl to the safety of a bathroom. Kicking the bathroom door to keep Williams from shutting it, McWhorter picked back up his rifle, unjammed it, and fired a final shot into Williams’s head.

Ed Williams was shot a total of 11 times by Casey McWhorter. Examination of his body later found that bullets struck several of his internal organs, including his liver, kidney, heart, and brain. Additionally, his aorta and pulmonary artery were pierced, causing half a gallon of blood to accumulate in his chest cavity.

At trial, overwhelming evidence of Casey McWhorter’s guilt was presented by the prosecution, including his own detailed confession. He was convicted of capital murder by a jury of his peers and, in accordance with the jury’s recommendation, sentenced to death for his heinous crime.