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March 10, 2011
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Luther Strange
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(MONTGOMERY) – With the one year anniversary of the BP/Deepwater
Horizon oil spill approaching, Governor Robert Bentley and Attorney General Luther
Strange today released a public service announcement regarding an upcoming deadline
in the Gulf oil spill lawsuit.

A New Orleans federal court is overseeing litigation against companies involved
in the oil spill. A trial date has been set for February 2012 and will determine whether
Transocean, the owner of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig that exploded on April 20,
2010, can limit what it pays claimants under Maritime law.

“There is an important deadline approaching that Alabamians need to know
about. In order to preserve the ability to recover money damages against Transocean
and be included in the February 2012 trial, one must file a claim with the federal court
by April 20, 2011,” said Governor Bentley. “I am dedicated to working with General
Strange to make sure Alabamians are informed of this fast approaching deadline.”

Individuals and businesses which experienced personal injury, loss of earnings,
property damage, business loss, or other economic loss from the oil spill may be able to
participate by filing a form to preserve their rights. The Court has simplified the process
to file a claim against Transocean by approving a Direct Filing Short Form.

The Short Form is available by calling 1-800-831-8814 or visiting
www.AlabamaOilSpill.info. Filing this Short Form may also join the claimant in the
master lawsuit that has been filed against BP and the other defendants. No one is
required to use the Short Form. The deadline for filing claims against Transocean
regardless of whether the Short Form is used is April 20, 2011. There is no filing fee and
a lawyer is not required to file the Short Form. However, anyone needing legal advice
regarding their legal rights or about filing this Short Form, should contact a lawyer.


501 Washington Avenue Montgomery, AL 36104 (334) 242-7300
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The Attorney General’s Office has a website and toll-free hotline for individuals
seeking more information regarding this process and obtaining free legal assistance or
referrals. The website is AlabamaOilSpill.info and toll free hotline is 1-800-831-8814.
“Filing with the Gulf Coast Claims Facility is not the same as filing in court. The
federal lawsuit is separate from the claims process in the GCCF. A claimant may be able
to participate in the federal lawsuit even if they already filed a claim with the GCCF,”
said Attorney General Luther Strange. “The coordinated and united efforts of the
Governor’s Office, the Attorney General’s Office, United States Senators Richard Shelby
and Jeff Sessions, Congressman Bonner, the local Gulf coast mayors and commissioners,
and the Alabama State Bar Association, are significant and strong. I am proud of this
team that has committed to work tirelessly until Alabama recovers from the 2010 Gulf
oil spill tragedy.”
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The public service announcement should run through April 20, 2011.

For more information, contact the Governor’s Press Office at 334-242-7150 or the
Attorney General’s Press Office 334-242-7491.