Alabama Telemarketing Act
Alabama Telemarketing Act

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The Alabama Telemarketing Act, beginning at Section 8-19A-1 of the Code of Alabama, requires any organization, institution, or person who engages in commercial telephone solicitation to be licensed by the Attorney General’s Office. Both the failure to register and the falsification of information on an application are punishable as a class C felony. Ala Code § 8-19A-21(1994).   

Changes to Registration

Section 8-19A-9 of the Code of Alabama provides that, if there is any material change to a licensee’s registration information prior to the date of renewal, the licensee shall submit information detailing the change(s) to the Attorney General’s Office along with a $10.00 fee, which may be paid via check or money order. “Material changes” include changes to the information required by Sections 8-19A-5(b & d) of the Code of Alabama, with the exception of changes in salespersons or other persons employed by the applicant. See Ala. Code § 8-19A-5(b)(12)c.

Changes to scripts, outlines, presentations, sales information, or literature used in connection with any solicitation must be submitted to the Attorney General’s Office within ten days. Ala. Code § 8-19A-9(c). There is no fee associated with these changes.

License Fees

Annual license fee for Commercial Telephone seller: $500.00
Annual license fee for each telephone Salesperson: $50.00
Fee for changes to existing registration: $10.00

Registration Instructions

Use our Online Application to register your Telemarketing Firm: Telemarketing Company Application 

Telemarketing Firms may now update their demographics, submit annual renewals, and register their salespeople via our online web application. 

Please email Consumer Interest at if you have not received credentials for your organization.

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