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Regarding Federal Court Ruling in Immigration Cases

U.S. District Judge Sharon Blackburn today issued preliminary rulings in
litigation challenging Alabama’s immigration law. Attorney General Luther
Strange issued the following statement:

“Today’s rulings are a victory for Alabama. Clearly, the Court decided
this difficult case on the basis of a thoughtful and thorough analysis. Illegal
immigration is a severe problem facing Alabama and other states across our
nation, and it has been addressed by state legislatures in various ways. Rejecting
the unduly restrictive approach taken by other courts around the country, the
Court today vindicated Alabama’s right to take action to address this issue in the
manner its people, through their elected representatives, see fit.

We respectfully disagree with those parts of the orders that have enjoined
portions of the law. We have the right to take an immediate appeal of those
parts of the orders or we could wait to appeal until the Court has made a final
decision. We are currently weighing our options.”

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