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For Immediate Release:
April 11, 2023

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Law Enforcement Letter to Legislature Urges Support of Attorney General Marshall’s Gang Prevention Act

(Montgomery) Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall applauded a letter submitted to the Alabama Legislature from 162 Sheriffs and Chiefs of Police from across the state calling for the swift passage of SB143 (by Sen. Barfoot) and HB 191 (by Rep. Treadaway), the Alabama Gang Prevention Act. The Act provides penalty enhancements for felonies committed to further the interests of a gang, attaches a minimum sentence to any use of a firearm for the purpose of promoting the gang, and certifies individuals aged 16 and older as adults when charged with gang-related offenses under the Act.

“Gang violence has steadily increased over the last decade, but we must refuse to accept in Alabama. The legislature can help to curb this trend by enacting the Alabama Gang Prevention Act,” said Attorney General Marshall. “Together, we are urging the swift passage of this legislation that will give state and local law enforcement the tools they need to take back our streets.”

“Currently, Alabama has no law on the books to specifically combat or deter gang activity and gang violence,” the letter explains. “Gang violence is a cancer and tough sentences are the antidote.”

As the Chief Law Enforcement Officer of Alabama, Attorney General Marshall is leading the charge to correct deficiencies within our criminal justice system by advocating for the Alabama Gang Prevention Act, the recently passed Deputy Brad Johnson Act dealing with correctional incentive time, and closing loopholes within our parole system.

The letter can be viewed here.